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Communication & culture development so you & your team can thrive



Organizational Development

As your company grows, it’s important to create a foundation to support overall expansion. We base our assessment and implementation plan on feedback received from multiple perspectives in the company. Then we offer varying levels of support for the implementation of this plan, including services such as training and facilitation as well as conflict resolution and coaching. Working together, through deep cultural assessment and individual interviews, we create a development plan that is tailored to your specific needs and issues.


It's natural to assume that others know what we know, partly because it's challenging to navigate the unknowns of what people might not understand. Providing training for ourselves and our teams enables us to level the playing field in a way that supports others in bringing their whole selves to the table and contributing in a manner that benefits the company. Before offering training, you need to know what's needed. We help you asses these needs, and design trainings with content that will improve overall efficiency and collaboration in the field and the office.


Efficiency and productivity are quite easily attained with machines. But to achieve the same with people, they need to feel supported, respected and safe. This can be complicated -- people clearly differ in their opinions, perspectives and experiences. At Thriving Solar, we help you design and run productive meetings that people enjoy. We support you in creating spaces where people both listen and contribute, in ways that inspire others to take action and create plans for working better together with greater ease. 

executive & Team coaching

It can be lonely and stressful at the top. With lengthy to-do lists, pending decisions, and people to manage, there's nothing easy about running a company.  We understand this, at Thriving Solar, and offer Executive Coaching as a way to lighten your load, alleviate your sleepless nights, and ease the annoyance, frustration and confusion often come with managing people.  Similarly, Team Coaching is designed to improve efficiency and productivity of your teams through improving their communication and understanding of patterns and intent.

conflict resolution

A project is only as effective as a team is collaborative. With differing perspectives on how things should be done, and concerns about the consequences if they aren't, conflict looms and kills the best of intentions. As facilitators focusing on conflict resolution within the solar industry, we seek to disarm the aggression that often arises through misinterpretation. We seek to provide opportunities for resolution from a renewed place of communication and understanding, unearthing the hidden messages that prevented previous attempts for resolution.

Employee coaching

In order to drive business and improve the direct customer experience, leading companies funnel effort into their own employees. By addressing their problems, being committed to helping employees tackle their own needs and concerns, employees tend to be more available for emotionally positive interactions with your customers -- which directly translates to more business. Employee Coaching is designed with this intention, and similarly offers opportunities to address challenges that arise with individual employees where you see potential for growth and change.


Personal development coaching

Tamara also works with individuals seeking personal support outside of the workplace. Sometimes, we need a little extra support, some guidance and perspective on the choices we've made and those we're hoping to take on. Working with a development coach provides the opportunity to explore possibilities for change, including the development of skills that have historically kept us from success and happiness in our relationships, our careers, our friendships or our overall state of being. To learn more Changing Your Climate Coaching Services, click on the button below. 


When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.
— Victor E. Frankl